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Drain Tracing

Drain tracing can be a key tool in solving a difficult drain problem or locating pipework, particularly where plans may not exist or may not be up to date. A combination of CCTV surveys, dye testing and sonar tracing can be used to produce a plan of internal and external drain runs and connections. This can include such details as surface and foul water runs, direction of flow, position of manhole covers and inspection chambers etc. This is a vital tool for mapping out old drains before building an extension, for example. It can be used to locate a collapsed drain and assess the ground before excavating. Depth can also be measured before excavating which is vital in assessing the cost and scale of an excavation.

House purchase and mortgage surveys

If you're considering purchasing a new property, whether it be commercial or domestic, we always advise the use of a CCTV drainage survey to assess the condition of the underground drainage servicing the building. It's often an oversight on the part of the purchaser, but imagine inheriting a broken or root infested drain. The financial consequences of underestimating the importance of working drainage can be huge.

Still not sure?

Just give us a call and we'll offer all the help and expertise we can. We like to think as laterally as possible and use our equipment wherever it can help. Swimming pool pipework inspections, for example, can be undertaken using our range of CCTV drainage cameras. We're on hand to advise and help, but most importantly, to be honest with our customers. If we can't help, we'll probably know someone who can.

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