Drain Lining Repairs

Faced with a drain repair? Have you been told that it requires an excavation?

drain-lining-1.jpgUK Drainage only excavate when absolutely necessary.

When drains are damaged, collapsing or need replacing, cost and disruption are always a major concern, and the prospect of large excavations can be daunting, but many problems can be rectified without have to dig at all. This is called no-dig drain repair or internal pipe lining.

What can be repaired with no-dig technology?

Anything from small breaks, cracks, fractures, displaced jointed pipework, deformed pitch fibre pipe, root intrusion, partial collapses, water leaking to ground and corroded or decaying cast iron pipework.

drain-lining-2.jpgHow does it work?

By inserting a flexible, resin impregnated felt inside the existing drain pipe and inflating with air or water pressure until it is set in place by the resin. Once set the air or water pressure is removed and the drain is left with a new internal structure which is strong and durable and fully approved by insurance companies.

Lateral Cutting

A drain which requires lining may have one or more lateral connections, from other drains such as gullies or toilets. These would require lateral cutting after lining to re-open any such inlets. Before installing a liner, lateral connection points are identified and measured. Once the liner has cured, the cutter can be sent down the drain to the located connections. These connections are then reopened using a specially designed cutter unit, powered by compressed air from a large compressor, custom built within our vehicle. The cutter unit is controlled above ground by a trained engineer working in conjunction with a CCTV monitor unit, allowing full view and control of the cutting process from the camera mounted on the cutter unit, ensuring each inlet is opened and left flowing correctly.

Benefits of Internal Lining

  • Fast return to fully functional drain.
  • Lower cost than excavating.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Insurance approved.
  • Lined section of drainage prevents future leaks and root intrusion.

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